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Flower Arrangement

Frequently Asked Questions

How and when do I get my fresh flowers to you?

We are located in Guelph, ON, and fresh flowers must be dropped off OR overnight shipped within 1-3 days after the event to ensure the flowers are in good condition when we commence the drying process. Detailed easy to follow bouquet care and shipping instructions will be sent to you after the reservation is made. For weddings we suggest entrusting a family or wedding party member to be in charge of getting the flowers to us so that its one last thing on your mind.

How far in advance should I book?

We suggest inquiring about a reservation as soon as possible to avoid disappointment, especially if its for a wedding taking place in summer months. Due to the lengthy and labour intensive process of floral preservation we can only accept a certain amount of bouquets a week.

Do you accept pre dried or pressed
flowers from past occasions?

We are happy to accept flowers that have already been dried! Resin is a fantastic medium to showcase and protect the precious blooms rather than having them tucked away elsewhere.

The flowers must be fully dried and contain no moisture, mold, or excessive amounts of dust. 

What does the process entail?

Please see "The Process" page for an overview. In a nutshell: As soon as fresh flowers arrive they are placed in water and flower food to perk them up. Afterwards they are placed in to a drying agent called silica sand where they rest and dry for 2-3 weeks. Once dried we will contact you with several layout options and work closely with each client to customize your piece and get it exactly as you would like it. When the layout is ready to go in the mold several layers of resin will be applied and cured with the process repeated multiple times. After completion a photo will be sent to you for approval and you will be reunited with your bouquet! You may pick up your order in Guelph, or I offer flat rate Canada wide shipping for $15 extra.

How long does the process take?

Floral resin preservation is a very lengthy process that simply cannot be rushed, therefore we quote 8-16 weeks for completion depending on how busy the season is. We are just as excited as you are for you to be reunited with your flowers but ask for your patience as we take our time to get it just right. We are a  one (and a half) woman team and do our very best with the time and supplies we have.

What can I expect in terms of clarity and quality of the final product?

We use a high quality UV resistant resin, however all resin is susceptible to yellowing over time if placed in constant direct sunlight. We highly suggest displaying your piece in a partial to no sunlight location so it stays beautiful and clear for years to come. 

We take extensive precautions to minimize micro bubbles and small imperfections, however resin is a fluid art and flowers naturally release air bubbles as the resin cures so small imperfections may be visible from extremely up close in some pieces. It is important to remember that the flowers are no longer living so they will not look the exact same as their original form. Please see examples on my Instagram or home page for examples of what to expect.

Do some types of flowers preserve better than others?

Almost all flowers are suitable to preserve in resin, although there are some that may change shape or colour throughout the process. Succulents cannot be dried as they contain too much moisture, but we are happy to source an artificial replacement if you wish. 

The colours of some flowers may change during the drying process, for example whites may yellow and reds often darken. 

Silica gel is by far the best way to dry flowers and have them retain their natural shape and colour, but please keep in mind the flowers are no longer living and will change in appearance. How your flowers dry also depends on the condition they arrive in, so please take special care of them on your event day and be sure to follow our shipping/care instructions. Bruising and damage becomes more apparent  when the resin is poured over flowers and small dots as a result of bruising in delicate parts of your bouquet may show.

How do I inquire about unforeseen preservation needs such as from a funeral or surprise sentimental bouquet?

We are honoured to be considered for preserving blooms from all of life’s transitions, including memorial or funeral flowers. We always do our best to accommodate requests of this nature. Main pieces are recommended as they represent the arrangement more accurately, but we are also willing to make exceptions and design add-ons without the purchase of a main piece for these orders. 

Simply fill out the order form with as much info as possible or email for inquiries. 

Can I change my mind about which main piece I want after booking?

We would prefer for you to tentatively commit to a main piece selection at booking so we can gauge materials, popularity of selections, and aquire supplies to ensure our turnaround time is on schedule. The sooner you change your mind leading up to when I receive the bouquet the better, but if it’s a last minute decision we will do our best to accept it. Please know last minute changes may result in your turnaround time increasing due to other reservations who selected that size. Add-on selections may be modified at any time. 

Do you dry the whole bouquet and are leftover flowers returned?

I always dry more than enough flowers to allow for several design options and to truly represent all aspects of your bouquet you wish to showcase. The quantity of blooms I dry depends on the size of your main piece selection/ number of add-ons. I do not usually return unused blooms, but if requested I can set them aside, or ship them for an extra fee.

Is this something I can DIY?

Short answer… there is a reason people hire resin artists for these types of projects. Resin is a fluid art and is very very finicky. One wrong pour at the wrong temperature or not mixing properly can result in your whole project being ruined, and pouring resin wrong is an expensive and messy mistake. I use the highest quality molds and resin on the market and have done thousands of pours to the point where I am 100% confident working with sentimental flowers. 

I am in no way trying to discourage you from trying the art form if its something you’re interested in. I would just hate the thought of this being your first resin attempt and the flowers you love being ruined due to inexperience. My best advice would be to practice with small projects such as coasters before you begin a large wedding block, or to invest in a professional. 

I want to gift a custom piece to someone. How does it work?

We have had several clients give the gift of floral preservation in the past. It’s such a thoughtful gesture, especially if the recipient didn’t know it was an option in the first place. Most people don’t have any plans for their flowers after the day they receive them and preserving them in resin is a fantastic way to remember the occasion forever. To book for a wedding simply inquire about the date using the order form, then make the $100 deposit. After the deposit is accepted we can discuss the total amount you would like to gift and a printable certificate will be issued for you to present them. I will then consult with you and the recipient to narrow down the best options for your price range. 

We hope that we answered any questions you had here! If you still have questions you can email and we will respond as soon as possible.
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