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How it Works

Thank you very much for your interest in our small business! Here is a brief overview of the process behind each custom piece, from fresh to the final product. For more info see the FAQ page, or feel free to send us an email with any further questions.


Step One: Flowers are recieved 1-3 days after event 

Flowers must be overnight shipped or dropped off to my address in Guelph, ON. Once they arrive the stems are trimmed and placed in water to perk them up before the drying process.

Step 2: Flowers are placed in silica and dry for 3+ weeks

I remove the stems and any damaged petals before placing the flowers + greenery in a drying agent called silica gel. Drying flowers with silica is by far the best method to have your flowers retain their shape and colour.

Step 3: Layouts are designed and sent to client

After the flowers are fully dry its time to begin the design process! I work closely with each client to determine the perfect layout that represents their bouquet in the best way possible. Layouts are only provided for Main Pieces, but requests may be made for add-ons (I.e placing boutonniere or a certain flower in an item)

Step 4: Flowers are arranged in silicone mold and several layers of resin are poured

Each layer is carefully poured in small increments with 24 hours between each pour. 

Step 5: Once fully cured the piece is removed from the mold, photographed, and and images are sent to the client for approval. It is then ready to be returned to its forever home, along with any add-ons, and cherished for years to come.


We offer Canada wide return shipping for a flat rate of $15. Client is responsible for shipping costs/arrangements for me to receive flowers.

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