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Image by Ivonne Adame


All orders must include the selection of a main piece.

Add-ons may not be purchased alone (some exceptions may apply for funeral/memorial flowers)

Gold or silver flakes can be added to any piece for no additional charge.

Prices are subject to change, but cost of the Main Piece at the time of reservation will be honoured

Main Pieces

8"x8" Square 

6"x6" Square

The 8"x8" square will display several large blooms + greenery and is large enough to truly recreate the main aspects of your bouquet.

The 6" square is limited to smaller/fewer flowers but is still a beautiful snapshot of your day.


Each design is 2.5"-3" thick depending on the size of the flowers.

Price: $400
Price: $300
NEW: 10" Square for $450

7" Hexagon


The hexagon is a very popular shape for preserving your bouquet. 

The 7" and 9" offer space for many design possibilities. The 9' is recommended if your bouquet includes larger blooms such as peonys, sunflowers, protea, etc., or if you want to fit a wider variety of flowers.

The 4" hexagon is the smallest main piece we offer. This option can comfortably fit 2-3 medium size blooms (such as roses) and makes for an effective small snapshot from your special day.

All hexagons are 2.5"-3" deep

Price: $350


4" Hexagon

Price: $125

Price: $425



Attention bookworms! Bookends are an elegant and functional option for preserving your bouquet and make a beautiful addition to any shelf. They are sold individually or as a pair. Each piece is 5”x4” and up to 3” deep. 

1 for $225 or 2 for $400

9" Circle

IMG_0479 2.jpg

This option is sure to make for an eye-catching and timeless keepsake. Perfectly round, spacious, and durable, the possibilities are truly infinite with this classic and symbolic shape.

Price: $425

Wooden Tray

I am pleased to partner with the talented K.D. Custom to now offer these beautiful trays. Measuring at 11”x14” and 3” deep, the rectangle tray is a perfect functional way to showcase your flowers. The stain and handle finish are totally customizable. Custom sizing and shapes are available upon request.

Price: Starting at $500

7" Tall Arch

This is a perfect mid-size option for a boho decor lover that beautifully showcases several medium sized flowers. Consider ordering it alongside another large piece as a gift to a loved one or to compliment more pieces.

Price: $275


Be sure to consider adding some functional keepsakes or a custom engraving to your order!

These pieces are a wonderful gift for family or wedding party members, or a special little addition to your main piece to showcase even more of your bouquet. 

You can add these items to your order or modify your selection at any time between booking confirmation and when the flowers are received. 

Med Ring Holder ($45)
Large Ring Holder ($55)
Engraving ($15)
Trinket dish ($35)
Coasters ($80 set of 4)
Sphere ($50)
Round Tea-Light Holder ($50)
Faceted Tea-Light Holder ($45)
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